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2022 Seed Sowing for Greenleaf Garden

I'm growing tons of seeds for flowers, vegetables, and herbs from vendors such as Floret Flowers, Baker Creek, Johnny's Selects and more.
Sammy the cat inspects this year's seed selection.

If 2021 was the year for experimenting in Greenleaf's cutting + veggie garden then 2022 is the year for simplifying things (or at least my version of that). Based on my successes and failures last year, I've homed in on what plants are the easiest to grow (zinnias and nicotiana) and are also most enjoyed by us (I'm looking at you, basil). For fun, I'm also starting a sizable collection of perennials and in particular have selected varieties that are tough and/or impossible for find at any local vendors.

Here's a roundup of what I'm growing this year.

Herbs + Veggies

  • Tomatoes: "Brandywine"for burgers, sandwiches and caprese salad, "Sun Gold" for salads (the BEST cherry tomato IMO), and"San Marzano II" for sauce

  • Basil: "Genevese" to-the-max and Lemon

  • Parsley "Giant Italian"

  • Zucchini "Black Beauty"

  • Cucumber "Hybrid Slicing"

  • Swiss Chard

  • Chamomile

  • Nasturtium

Flowers (Cutting Garden)

  • Zinnias: "Unicorn Mix", "Benary's Giant Purple", "Queen Red Lime"

  • Sweet peas: "Erewhon", "Noel Sutton", "Jacqueline Ann"

  • Calendula "Orange Button"

  • Strawflower "Copper Red"

  • Stock "Buttercream"

  • Marigold "Tangerine Gem"

Flowers (In-Ground Garden Beds + Pots)

  • Nicotiana: "Peach Screamer", "Scentsation Mix", "Crimson Bedder", "Bronze Queen"

  • Cosmos "Xsenia"

  • Formosa lily

  • Nigella "Starry Night Mix"

  • *Pulsatilla vulgaris Rubra

  • *Digitalis: lutea, ferruginea gigantea, mertonensis

  • *Anemone: multifida, tomentosa, "Pamina"

  • *Aquilegia: "Black Barlow", "Burnished Rose", "Oranges and Lemons", fragrans, clematiflora

  • *Semiaquilegia ecalcarata

  • *Thalictrum delavayi

  • Borage (for the bees!)

Note: I got these perennial seeds (marked with *) from Plant World Seeds and was delighted with their vast and unusually diverse selection of cultivars. I've also already had good germination rates with the digitalis and aquilegia so am happy so far with the quality of the stock.


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