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In the Garden: Gloves + Hand Care

A long day in the garden can take a major toll on our hands, so we’re sharing our favorite measures — gloves and good hand cream – for keeping them protected and feeling nourished.

These gloves are inexpensive, lightweight, and well-fitted so you don’t have to sacrifice good tactile functionality while doing delicate weeding or plant-handling. As with most gardening gloves, your hands will still get wet and dirty after a big day of digging, but you’ll be much better off than if you had worked without them!

Anyone who's ever tried pruning a rose knows that even the most careful movements won't keep you from being scratched to oblivion. Our favorite gloves for the job is this extra-durable all-leather pair from Womanswork. They're also great for working around and with prickly evergreens, such as ilex and juniper.

Skin Food is the stuff of legends. We find it especially soothing after handling lots of soil which can be drying, or in the winter. Since it's full of fragrant oils, we like using it right before bed.

Wonderfully effective, this fragrance-free formula is ideal for when we're in the mood for something really neutral.


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