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Making a Splash: Bird Baths

Looking to attract more feathered friends to your garden? Add a bird bath and you'll certainly be rewarded with frequent visits from your local songbirds. Here's a selection of my favorite options that can fit into any outdoor space.

Songbirds enjoying a stone bird bath in the garden.
Image by Jeff Wasserman/Stocksy, courtesy AdobeStock.

Bird Bath Pro Tips:

  • Place your birdbath in view from a window so you'll be able watch the birds sip, splash and socialize from indoors.

  • Keep metal bird baths in a shady spot! Otherwise, the can get too hot and actually burn the birds. Birds also prefer to drink cool/cold water.

  • Avoid bird baths that are too deep. 1"– 2" of water is plenty.

  • Wash your bird baths regularly with a mild dish detergent to prevent mold, algae and dirt from accumulating.

I love the classic, versatile look of this concrete bird bath as it can work in just about any space. Bonus points for being made of durable concrete.

A chic, contemporary take that would work beautifully in on a modern patio or nestled amidst a bed of ornamental grasses. This one is also available in charcoal gray, but I'd be sure to put it somewhere with part shade to avoid the heat issue.

If a ground-level bird bath is more your style, I'm a fan of this stepped dish made from an uber-eco-friendly recycled plastic and bamboo composite. This design also allows for other wildlife to enjoy pit stop including butterflies and small animals like chipmunks.

If you're short on space, or prefer a minimalist look, this shallow copper option fits the bill. Since it's metal, be sure to place it somewhere with at least part-shade to prevent it from overheating. **When installing this one, don't push down on the copper bowl as it could bend or even break. Put all of the pressure onto the metal stake to secure it into the ground.**


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