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Outdoor Item: Why We Love Fire Pits

Looking for a way to extend your time in the garden? A fire pit can be just the ticket for enjoying your space in the early days of spring, late into summer evenings, and through the beginning of fall. They’re available in a number of styles and price ranges, and they create an inviting gathering space and focal point. Much like a grill, you can find models that are fed by a small propane tank or via a professionally installed gas line. Here are three of our current favorites.

NOTE: Before purchasing or building a fire pit, be sure to check your city’s or HOA’s fire code regulations to avoid any violations (particularly if you’re in an urban area).

We're big fans of fire bowls, and this style from Ballard Designs is guaranteed to blend with most modern and contemporary spaces. It's crafted of highly durable reinforced concrete and compatible with propane or natural gas

Chic and multifunctional, this rectangular fire pit comes with a fitted lid that allows it to transform into a table when not ignited. Crafted from a fiber concrete composite

A unique spinoff from unfinished concrete, we love the texture that this terrazzo fire pit can bring to a space. It's a close call, but black is our favorite of the two color options (black or white)

Photo courtesy Anthropologie


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