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Springtime Container Roundup

My four favorite indoor and outdoor planters for springtime.

For a smaller indoor plant (think ferns or succulents), I'm loving the cool gray tones of these Abelia Flat Ceramic Planters from Bloomist. These would look lovely nestled on a bookshelf with a cascading pothos, or on a coffee table with a maidenhair fern (like the one shown in the image above).

I love the gorgeous matte finish on this unglazed cream-colored planter from Flowerkraut, and the included matching reservoir is a thoughtful bonus. A multicolored plant like a variegated calathea or a prayer plant would be a lovely contrast to the simplicity of the planter. Something highly textured like a bird's nest fern or a monstera (shown above) would also be an excellent choice.

Durable and chic, these Dundee Bronze Floor Planters from Crate & Barrel can be used indoors and outdoors. They will pair nicely with other metal furnishings or make a cool contrast with wood, concrete, and stone. Keep in mind that these metal planters conduct heat, so if you are using them in full sun, be sure your plant choices can handle it. Succulents, sedums, yucca, and ornamental grasses are your best bets.

Perfect for both traditional or contemporary tastes, these fluted Maris Planters from Williams Sonoma will make a gorgeous addition to almost any outdoor space. Crafted from high-fired terracotta, they have a unique texture and durability — they are even frost resistant. For a bold statement, flank an entryway with two of them. Or pair with a smooth stone or fiberglass option for a more eclectic feel. Available in black or white and in many sizes.


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