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Terrariums: Bring Summer Indoors

In the last few years, the terrarium has shed its crusty and complicated grade-school-project past and emerged as one of the coolest ways to add indoor greenery without a lot of hassle. From simple moss assortments to elaborate woodland tableaus, there are styles and sizes to suit all tastes, conditions, and skill-levels. Finding ready-made terrariums for sale online can be tricky, so check out your local plant or flower shop. Or try a DIY option. The resources out there are plentiful for those who want to pick their own vessel and plant assortment. Terrain has great options. Here, some terrarium ideas to inspire you:

Mini Geodesic Desertscape

Image by dinachi courtesy iStock

Sedums, succulents, and cacti are all available in mini, terrarium-friendly sizes. Plant a selection of these low-water wonders in a mix of fine and coarse sand then place near a sunny window. Try a faceted terrarium like this one from Wayfair. Sedums, succulents, and cacti do not like humidity, so a terrarium with an open side or top to keep things drier is ideal.

Woodland in a Bottle

Image by qnula courtesy iStock 

If you're a fan of moss, a woodland-themed terrarium is the perfect way to go. Try mixing in mini ferns, fittonia, or even a small tree with your favorite moss or mosses—there are many enchanting varieties. For a more Japanese-inspired mix, add in a few larger river rocks and go heavy on the moss. We love the clean simplicity of these cork-topped terrariums made of recycled glass from Crate & Barrel.

Cloche of Curiosities

Image courtesy of Terrain.

For a terrarium that evokes the elegant and studious compositions found at a natural history museum, we suggest using a cloche cover like these beauties from Terrain. Keep it simple with a single specimen plant, like a mini orchid surrounded by moss. We love the way they styled theirs with a perfect teeny piece of driftwood. We don't recommend using succulents, sedums, or cacti in a cloche—they will not do well with the humidity that's create underneath.


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