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What To Plant Now: Herbs

herb garden, herbs
Image by Barbra Ford courtesy iStock.

Now is the time to plant your herbs! Having fresh herbs on hand is more important than ever because you’re cooking more and going to the store less. So rather than buying yet another $2.99 plastic package of sad cilantro (most of which you’ll let go to waste), get some growing! It’s easier than you think. Small, starter herbs should be relatively easy to get at places like The Home Depot, your local hardware store, or even some supermarkets. They’re easy to care for, don’t need much counter space, and make a super kid-friendly project. If you're planting them indoors, be sure to keep them in bright light (by a window is great). Herbs also play well together so they can be clustered. Some are more finicky about watering than others, so here are a few ideas for which ones to group together.

You can plant more than three together — in fact, it’ll probably be okay if you plant all of them together. The two with the most opposing watering needs are basil and rosemary. Basil needs very consistent moisture and rosemary doesn’t, so don’t plant them side by side.


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