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What to Plant Now: Autumn Annuals

As flowering perennials die down for the season, filling in beds with fall-flowering annuals can keep your garden blooming a bit longer. We suggest starting sooner rather than later. Because of COVID-19, there are significantly fewer plants — particularly annuals — and supplies are limited. Your best bet is to shop the nurseries in the first two weeks of September.


Image by Kheat courtesy iStock.

Celosia is available in lovely shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink. We recommend mixing it into a sunny area with ornamental grasses.

Fall-Blooming Pansies

Image courtesy Garden Gate Magazine.

Pansies aren't just for spring. They are also an excellent annual for fall planting projects. Look for burgundy varieties for an autumnal feel.

Purple Fountain Grass

Image courtesy Lois Miller. 

We sing the praises of ornamental grasses year-round. But purple fountain grass is one of our fall favorites. Plant some as the centerpiece of a container arrangement or a window box.


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