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Behind the Design | Carroll Gardens Backyard

Image by Anthony Crisafulli for Staghorn Living 

Confronted with a yard of red-painted concrete that was surrounded by a chain link fence, our clients had two main priorities for their new outdoor space: beauty and function. With floor-to-ceiling doors and windows looking out on the yard, it was essential for the garden to feel like a natural and thoughtful extension of the newly-renovated interior.

The garden as it originally looked. Image courtesy of Douglas Elliman

We opted for large, thermal bluestone pavers in a running-bond pattern for a smooth and contemporary ground plane, and horizontal clear cedar for the fencing and built-ins. The clients had already selected a generous teak table and overhead pendant light, so we used those elements to center a built-in storage bench and raised planter beds. Overhead cafe string lights, along with the pendant lamp, enable the family to enjoy their garden after dark. Low-maintenance flowering perennials and grasses ensure they get a succession of bloom times for garden color or cutting. We added a variety of herbs and vegetables in the planter so they always have something tasty to pluck.

The garden after we finished the renovation. Image by Anthony Crisafulli for Staghorn Living 


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