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Book Club: Autumn Edition

Image courtesy Kat Cervoni.

I adore anything and everything related to plant lore and etymology so I've indulged in three new books to feed my obsession. Here's a rundown of my latest selection:

This book offers exactly what it promises: Quick but detailed explanations of both common and eccentric plants — think entries in Encyclopedia Britannica, if you are old enough to remember those leather-bound bookshelf staples.

Writer, artist, and nature-lover Ruth Binney strikes a lighter tone that reads more like a fairytale or a bit of Greek mythology than a science book. A great choice for when you want to escape into nature without leaving your home.

Calling all history and trivia buffs! This book chronicles 50 plants that have made some of the biggest impacts in world history. The descriptions of these game-changers are thorough but succinct and paired with images to present a complete package of information to wow any Zoom gathering.


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