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Book Club: Winter Reads

One of my favorite things about winter, particularly after the holidays have passed, is that I finally get to catch up on some reading. Here are three books that are currently on my nightstand.

My favorite wintertime books on gardening including Monty Don's The Complete Gardener, Veg in One Bed and Fenton's A Garden from a Hundred Packets of Seeds.
Image by Kat Aul Cervoni

This is one of my favorite reference books for all-things gardening and I turn to it often. Whether you're planning your veggie beds (like I am), checking in on pruning best-practices, or wanting to start composting, Monty covers it clearly (and with lovely pictures) in this book.

In anticipation of starting our own vegetable garden this spring, Michael got me this book as a Christmas gift and I'm really enjoying it. Richards gives great advice on how to maximize your space to be as productive and fruitful as possible. I especially like the seasonal plans and diagrams he provides as templates for your own space.

I bought this delightful book years ago on impulse from Gowanus Nursery when I was stocking up on dill and poppy seeds. In it, Fenton eschews the traditional hierarchy of garden planning – structures > trees > shrubs > perennials and annuals – and instead encourages the looser, and less-expensive strategy of letting your flower seeds take the lead. It's not really my approach, but I like the way it's challenging the way I think of things.


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