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Faux Indoor Plants

There's been a stigma about faux plants for years—and rightly so. Many were, and are, terribly unconvincing. But lately there's been a resurgence in interest and businesses have responded by crafting much improved synthetic versions of our favorite house plants. So whether you're struggling with an especially dim room or are already maxed out on things to take care of, here are a few of our favorite faux indoor plants and where you can find them.

Image courtesy The Sill. 

We're partial to this monstera duo with the mint container. Rejoice in the freedom of knowing you can park this on a table absolutely nowhere near a window!

Image courtesy Magnolia

Small, tabletop succulents like the ones offered by Magnolia are perfect for jazzing up bookcases or the countertop in your window-less bathroom.

Image courtesy Terrain

If you're looking for a larger floor plant, check out the options at Terrain. This Japanese euonymous is a stand out.


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