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Patio Heaters

Given that we're all confined to home now more than ever, patio heaters are the perfect way to enjoy your backyard into the fall — and add square footage to your usual living space when the temperatures dip. And now is the time to buy one, even if it's still hot where you are; they are in high demand and going fast. Here are two of our favorites:

Image courtesy Home Depot.

We love this heater's shape and stability. Powered by a 20-pound propane tank, which can be easily sourced at your local hardware store, it has a 42,000-BTU output that is sure to help fight off the chill of cooler autumn days and nights.

Image courtesy

Electric heaters tend to be slightly less powerful than propane models, making them a great choice for smaller spaces, especially if those spaces are covered — like a porch or pergola. We like this telescoping option from Fire Sense.


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