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Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

In case you've got a furry friend (or in our case, 5), sharing your home with you, here are some of my favorite pet-safe plants to safely deck out your interiors.

A bamboo palm, areca palm, parlor palm is a pet-friendly indoor plant.
Image by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz courtesy iStock.

Also known as the areca palm, this bushy, medium-sized plant is both toxin-free and tolerant of indirect bright-to-low light conditions – a bonus for those dimmer spaces in your home. They prefer to dry out a bit between waterings, so be sure to check the soil before giving them a drink. Water every 1-2 weeks depending on size and light. For styling, I find these are perfect for filling out empty corners. Available from Bloomscape.

A parlor palm courtesy The Sill.
Image courtesy The Sill.

Very similar to the bamboo palm but smaller, the parlor palm is an excellent choice for a flourish of green on a dresser or side table. These lush little plants are very easy keepers with watering needs of once every 1-2 weeks and bright indirect-to-low light conditions. These are available in a multitude of chic planters from The Sill.

Pilea peperomoides. Image by Matthew Lloyd courtesy iStock.
Pilea peperomoides. Image by Matthew Lloyd courtesy iStock.

This is easily one of my favorite indoor plants for it's charming, structural foliage and ease-of-care. Pilea is a relatively slow-to-moderate grower and will remain on the small side, so it's great for tighter spaces such as a mantel or bookshelf. It thrives in medium-to-bright indirect light and needs watering about once per week. Currently available from Soil & Clay.

Maranta commonly known as prayer plant features beautiful variegated leaves and is pet-safe.
Image by Firn courtesy iStock.

If you're looking for something with a bit more color, try a prayer plant. Features green variegated foliage with reddish-mauve stripes and undersides of their leaves, these low-growing plants can have a cascading effect, so are great for both table tops, shelves or hanging planters. They prefer medium-to-bright indirect light and water every 1-2 weeks. Purchase one already potted up and ready to enjoy from Bloomscape.


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