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Simple, Chic, Effective & Affordable: Solar Lights

Solar lights have come a long way in terms of variety, styling, and effectiveness. If you're looking to avoid electricity in your outdoor illumination plan, you've got plenty of options.

Café lights are the surest way to turn any outdoor gathering into a party. Charming, bright, and easy to rig up, these solar powered string lights from Brightech feature clean brass sockets and are available in 28' lengths. Secure a strand overhead to bring a warm glow to an outdoor dining area or along railings to illuminate a deck.

One of my architect friends turned me on to Volt for landscape lights a few years ago and I'm thrilled that they now offer solar options including this compact and sophisticated deck light in brass. Unlike many solar fixtures that give off weak and inconsistent light, Volt's are consistently well rated for their effectiveness and longevity. They're also reasonably priced. These fixtures are ideal for a deck, stairs, dock, or even a pathway along a fence or wall.

The uplight, or spotlight as they're sometimes called, is my go-to fixture for illuminating a garden space with just the right amount of drama. This solar-powered version from Frontgate, which features a remote solar panel with a 20'-long cord and expandable connectivity, is perfect whether you're looking to light up a specimen tree or a cluster of beautifully-textured perennials.


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