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The Grass at Greenleaf Garden

The Greenleaf lawn is a mix hardy mix of tall fescue and mini-clover.
The Greenleaf lawn is a hardy mix of tall fescue and micro-clover which works well for our part-shade areas.

Achieving a healthy, lush lawn from scratch has been a labor of love (and hate), but we have finally done it at Greenleaf Garden. After a team of professionals graded, cleared, and seeded the space last fall, we were excited to see how quickly the combination of fast-growing annual ryegrass (a temporary, soil stabilizing grass) and tall fescue (our permanent grass) began to fill out our yard. However, by the time February rolled around, we were staring at several muddy, bare patches and whole swathes that appeared to be washed out. Clearly, our install wasn't flawless. Our solution was to go heavy with a round of overseeding with both the tall fescue and micro-clover. Now those bare spots are filling in nicely.

An close-up look at the mix of tall fescue grass and micro-clover. The beige tendrils are dried flowers that are shedding from our Spanish oak trees.
A close-up look at our mix of tall fescue and micro-clover. The dried flowers are courtesy of our Spanish oak trees.

What I've learned from seeding a space the size of ours is that it is not an easy route to emerald perfection. From daily waterings, to strategic hay laying and rainwater rerouting, to finding the patience to stay off of the lawn so that it gets fully established, it's been a months-long endeavor. Unrolling yards of sod would have been much easier—and faster. But the work has been worth it. We now have a customized blend of hardy, low-maintenance, eco-friendly groundcovers that will keep our space soft, green and ready for playing for years to come.


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