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Better Bouquets

There’s no denying that a professionally crafted flower arrangement can be a wonder to behold, but there are a ton of resources available to teach and inspire you to craft your own botanical works of art at home. We’ve put together a list of tips and essentials that will take your flower-arranging game from good to glorious.

Snip in Style

A sharp pair of florist's scissors ensures your cuts are precise and clean for tidy and long-lasting blooms.

Image courtesy of Food52.

Hold Everything

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways and floral frogs are a perfect example. Available in varying shapes, sizes, and materials to suit wet or dry, big or small arrangements, they help create and hold the perfect composition. Try placing one in the bottom of one of these gorgeous vases.

Note: We recommend staying away from florists foam. It’s toxic both to handle and dispose of, and it often has formaldehyde in it.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

Get Inspired

When you’re not sure where to start, peek at a professional florist's creations to spark your creativity. Instagram is the ultimate free resource for swoon-worthy images. And we are giving a shout out to two of our favorite books, too.


Schentell Nunn Nunn runs her floral business, Offerings, out of L.A. and has a beautiful website portfolio and Insta feed. We found her dried floral arrangements particularly gorgeous.

One of Nunns beautiful dried arrangements courtesy of Offerings.

Emily Thompson– Known for her wild and avante-garde style, Thompson sometimes uses weeds and ordinary branches to create her extraordinary arrangements. Check them out on her Instagram profile and website.

Rasheedah Leslie – Based in Brooklyn, Leslie creates vibrant arrangements that are playful and uplifting. Her shop, Les' Blooms Floral, has a stellar website gallery and Instagram grid.

Image courtesy of Les' Blooms Floral.


On Flowers: Lessons from an Accidental Florist by Amy Merrick Filled with fun anecdotes, helpful illustrations, and gorgeous photos, Merrick's book documents how she finds inspiration for her arrangements everywhere she goes.

Image courtesy Floret Farm.

Erin Benzakein is building a floral empire on her growing farm in northern California. Her new book offers great tips for crafting stunning bouquets and it makes a pretty great coffee table book, too.

Image courtesy Floret Farm. 

Tips + Tricks

  • Remove all leaves that are below the water line to avoid rot.

  • Smash the ends of the flower stems to increase water intake.

  • Add a splash of clear soda to the water — the sugar helps blooms last.

  • Avoid placing arrangements in direct sunlight or next to heaters.


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