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Indoor: Low-Light Plant Stars

Whether it’s a dim corner away from the window or a tabletop in a north-facing room, the snake and ZZ plants are two indoor varieties that are perfect for brightening up your home's low-light spots. Bonus: They're among the easiest houseplants to keep alive.

These reed-like plants are commonly found in offices and shops — and for good reason. Their low-water requirement and low-light tolerance mean you can treat them like the cactus of darker spaces. With tidy, variegated foliage and an upright habit, a snake plant will bring color and verticality to areas with limited square footage. It also self-propagates, meaning it reproduces by creating mini-clones of itself, so you can spread them throughout your home or share them with friends.Great for greening up your desk, hiding cords, or transforming a windowsill.

Sprays of glossy green leaves are this plant’s defining feature, which makes it ideal for adding volume to open spaces. Like the snake plant, water requirements are low and adaptability to different light conditions is high. Great for setting up a sweet still life on a credenza or a dresser, or jazzing up an empty corner.


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