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Latest and Greatest Rain Barrels

News alert: Rain barrels have gotten (relatively) chic! While you can absolutely still get the classic black or blue industrial-style barrel, they're now offered in refreshing variations of shape, color and texture that will feel right at home next your existing planters, nestled at the back of a garden bed, or elsewhere in your space. Here's a rundown of the latest and greatest for spaces and budgets of all types.

For Mediterranean style lovers, try the 60 Gal.Terra Cotta Decorative Rain Barrel Kit with Planter and Diverter System from Home Depot. Made of UV-stable resin, this barrel is a great option for those interested in a model that is both durable and light weight. The built-in planter is perfect for adding a bit of foliage or flowers to the top and has drainage holes included to prevent root rot.

I love this urn-style rain barrel from Target particularly for smaller spaces. It still holds a hefty amount of water (45 gallons) and includes the planter-top feature all in a compact 33" H x 24" W container. Made from BPA-free UV-inhibited polyethylene, it's also lightweight and durable and won't leach harmful chemicals into your fresh rainwater.

Big on both water storage capacity and style, I think the chicest option of the group has to be the Athena Rain Barrel in Brownstone by Algreen and available from Amazon. It's BPA-free roto-molded plastic shell is crafted to resemble textured granite and features a brass spigot and built-in planter. With up to 80 gallons of capacity, storing lots of rain water has never looked so good.

To take your eco-friendliness to the next level go for an upcycled rain barrel model like this one from mirainbarrel via Amazon. This 63-gallon no-frills option is crafted from recycled food-grade storage barrel that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. It can be left freestanding in the garden to collect rainwater or be connected to your gutter to catch runoff.


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