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Looking Sharp

February isn't exactly known for good weather (especially this week), but it's the perfect time to do a bit of tool maintenance ahead of your late winter pruning and spring gardening. I always start by giving my Felco pruners and Opinel garden knives a good cleaning followed by sharpening. Think of keeping your gardening tools sharp the same way you keep your kitchen knives sharp. What a difference it makes, right?

To clean, I use a tiny bit of dish soap, water and a sponge to work away any residual dirt and grime and then thoroughly dry off with a towel. If your pruners are feeling a bit sticky or sluggish, top them off with a bit of tool lubricant like this one from Felco. For swift, clean cuts, I sharpen all my blades using this multifunctional sharpener tool by Sharpal. It's extremely easy to use, and in a matter of minutes all my hand tools are ready to go for the season.


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