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My Favorite Organic Fertilizers and Plant Food

Some plants perform perfectly fine, or even prefer to be left to their own devices in the soil as is. Others require varying doses and types of plant food and fertilizer to keep growing, blooming and fruiting to the fullest through the season. Here's my list of favorites for different times and locations in your garden.

This particular feed encourages vigorous root growth and better nutrient absorption to help plants settle into their new home (the mycorrhizae plays an important role in this). It's perfect for all trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Rich in nitrogen and potash, this is a wonderful fertilizer will help your herbs and veggies stay productive and robust throughout the growing season.

An ample helping of potash (the middle of the three numbers typically present on the front of fertilizer for nitrogen, potash, and potassium) ensures that this mix is geared toward promoting lots of healthy growth and abundant blooms.

In the second year of an ornamental garden and beyond, I always use Plant-Tone in combination with compost as a springtime feed. It helps nourish and replenish the soil while also giving a balanced blend of nutrients to the plantings.

Just as with your garden beds, the secret to happy, healthy grass is having happy, healthy soil which is why I love Milorganite. It adds organic matter back into the soil to help feed existing microbes which in turn nourish the grass through the seasons.


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