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My Top 3 Picks from Hilton Carter's New Line of Plants + Accessories with Target

I find Hilton Carter's love for all-things green and penchant for interior plant styling incredibly inspiring, so I was thrilled to hear he was releasing a line of live and faux indoor plantings and accessories in collaboration with Target. Unsurprisingly, all of these new offerings are crazy-chic, but I've managed to whittle down a favorites list to my top 3. Here's the rundown:

I love the combination of the modern, geometric form of these planters with the textured stoneware finish. Add the fact that the black color pops beautifully with green foliage, and you've got yourself a winner.

A lovely marriage of form and function, the vintage-feeling amber hue and undulating coils of this plant mister elevate it from basic plant care accessory to objet d'art.

A nod to the Victorian home decor staple but with a more contemporary silhouette this glass + iron terrarium and plant stand is perfect for adding a bit of greenery and wonder to any corner of your home.


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