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Shear Perfection

For precision cuts and less waste when you're picking herbs, a good pair of shears (or snips) is essential. Any of these three would make a great addition to a gardener's tool kit.

Niwaki Herb Shears

Tiny, lightweight, and ergonomic, this pair of snips, which is modeled on traditional Japanese sewing scissors, is especially useful for delicate herbs such as chives, cilantro, parsley and thyme. (Also, A+ on the gorgeous packaging.)

Garden Scissors with Pouch

This loop-handled pair is ideal for those who prefer the look and feel of traditional scissor handles or want one tool that can tackle both herbs and flowers. The recycled leather carrying pouch is a definite bonus.

Modern Sprout Pruning Shears

Delicate enough for chives yet strong enough for rosemary, this pair of needle-nose snips is a game-changer when it comes to clean cuts. We are especially fond of the mint-green handles.

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