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The Holy Grill

We've been designing and building outdoor kitchens for years and love seeing how they not only transform a rooftop or backyard garden but also the dynamics of the whole house. Whether you've got the space and funds for a big rig or are looking for a more efficient way to find your inner grillmaster, we're listing our go-to grills for any outdoor space.

This grill is generously but not massively sized (32") and has all the right bells and whistles (interior lights, rotisserie insert, etc.) plus true reliability. We've installed it in numerous outdoor custom kitchen, and our clients always rave. Available via BBQ Guys.

The Weber Genesis II is the ultimate no-nonsense, free-standing propane grill. We're fans of its ease of use and practical features — including wheels, detachable side wings, and interior cabinet storage space. Available at Ace Hardware.

Whether you're short on space, or looking for something chic and portable, the Table Top Grill by Eva Solo is the way to go. Highly rated and widely praised for its ability to hold heat, which is essential for good grilling, it comes with a fire-proof porcelain exterior in either white or black. The simple stainless-steel handle means it's easy to carry should you be planning a moveable feast. Available at The Milk Street Store.


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