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What to Plant Now: Winter Veggies

Between the uptick in home-grown everything and the fact that many folks have been quarantining, 2020 has truly been the year of the vegetable garden. If you loved growing your own summer crops like peppers and tomatoes, try for a winter crop or two. Read on for my list of favorites.

Cool-Weather Lettuces

Image by Joanna Tkaczuk courtesy iStock. 

Salad-lovers, rejoice! Fall is a great time to sow seeds of cold-tolerant lettuces such as Arctic King, North Pole, and Buttercrunch.

Broad/Fava Beans

Image by Paul McGuire courtesy iStock

Did you know that broad beans or favas are one of the oldest plants in cultivation? I suggest the Windsor variety. It's one of the best-rated for ease-of-growth and flavor.


Image by Alicjane courtesy iStock.

Garlic is the ultimate staple in almost all cuisines, so why not grow your own? You can plant cloves purchased at your local grocery store, or get a little adventurous with a new variety from a grower like Keene Organics.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Johnny's Selected Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange are all highly-regarded sources for purchasing organic, non-GMO seeds and have wonderful varieties to boot.


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